Sourdough Starter

Sourdough dry and live culture starters are available.


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We bake on a regular basis and we always have some fresh starter which we also dry out for easier posting.

It makes the perfect present for someone who would like to have a go at sourdough and doesn’t want to spend the time to start their own sourdough culture. It comes with instructions in those pretty glass pipettes.

*glass jars may vary

More Information

All our Kits are packaged beautifully, in natural paper/ glass with nature in mind.

We can deliver to your address or if it is a gift, straight to the recipient door.

We can personalise it, add handwritten messages too.

We have a gift voucher which can be included in the box.

If you need to add the above, please contact us via mail so we can discuss your ideas and be able to help.


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