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Sesame seeds and honey sourdough crackers 

Sesame seeds and honey sourdough crackers  / easy and quick way to use the leftover starter/  It is the season ( if there is a season) for red wine and cheese, hearty food and candlelight, right? Those easy to make ( most of the crackers are very easy to make but those are particularly easy) […]

Sourdough experience - our first In-person Workshop

With our first In-person class behind us, we are ready for more sourdough adventures. The beginning Some of you may know that we started our Sourdough project, teaching online. Our classes were entirely online, done through Skype, live and very interactive. We have started it in the first lockdown in May 2020. It was a […]

Sourdough In-Person Experience

Exciting News It has been over a year when we started our Sourdough Classes and has been a very fun experience, fulfilling and very rewarding one. Through this online project created in Covid times, we met amazing people, formed friendships and had tones of fun! It had its own purpose, to get together people with […]

Sourdough Discard Coconut Rye Flour Cookies

Very easy to make, delicious and kind of healthy sweet little treats I have some discard left in the fridge as I purposely made more the last time I baked as I wanted to work on some cookie recipe. I love coconut and anything that has this ingredient,I would eat with great pleasure. Those cookies […]

Banitsa With Pizza Dough

Last week we received our pizza oven. Unfortunately the month of May has been so miserable and unpredictable. We were “very lucky” to get the oven just then and me being me, impatient and excited, I couldn't wait to try the new gadget. Every other day I made dough in the hope that we could […]

Your Starting Sourdough Essential kit

When beginning a new hobby we all need the essentials. If we starting watercolour painting we will need a set of basic brushes, a palette, set of quality paints, watercolour paper, etc It is the same with sourdough baking. The difference is that there is not much of an initial cost and we can all […]

Sourdough bakers’ terminology

You must’ve noticed all the “strange words” when looking through recipes, videos etc. Like in every industry there is terminology that the professionals use. In this article I will try to break it up and cover the most popular ones. Especially if you are just starting, this might be useful and the recipes make more […]

How to mix Levain, ratios, tips and Q&As

How often, when, where and why do we refresh our starter? Sourdough culture, or our pet - The Starter, is the essential ingredient in our sourdough bakes. We have a few articles dedicated to this topic but here, in this one we will talk about how to create an active and happy one. Very often […]

Tips for beginners in the sourdough journey

Sourdough is getting more and more popular with the speed of light.  More and more people want to try to bake it at home. As  the conventional shop bought sourdough loaves are not good enough, most of us would love to try and bake it ourselves. A lot of us have a go and then […]

Panzanella - Simple way to use up some stale Sourdough bread

Here is a very easy recipe that takes us back to Italy and those hot summer days. Very easy to make and so delicious to enjoy with friends and family.  Most of us who bake on a regular basis, as we can't resist the temptation, very often have some leftover bread. In this article, I […]

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