Private Parties / Team bonding / Family Sourdough Experience

We are delighted to be able to organise a special gathering, a class for your team, family or friends.

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At the moment, we are capable to make this happen virtually, through Skype, but hopefully once
the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted we could make a fun day for you in person.

Our usual online groups are maximum for 6 people, so if you would like to book this event, please
get in touch and we will be able to give you discounted price.

Depending on the class, some classes are 2 days, some are a day long.

For example - Our “Sourdough Master class” is day and a half, while our “Sourdough Pizza class”
is again done over 2 days but much shorter - 3- 4 hours each day.

We have a “Brunch with Kvas” class- which is only 4 hours long, but for this class you will need to
have some Sourdough knowledge/ experience and have your own starter. We don’t organise a
support chat room before this class.

With every class we provide an essential kit, consisting of the most important ingredients to
create perfect sourdough bake.

The only class we don’t supply the kit is the “Brunch with Kvas” class, but if you request kits for
all the participants, we will be willing to supply it too.

Again, we are very flexible and depending on the circumstances we could look into it and make
adjustments to fit your ideas and requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact is if you have any questions.


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