Sourdough Discard Pesto Crackers

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Sourdough crackers freshly baked.

These crackers are so simple and quick to make. You won’t need special equipment or tools. They are a perfect addition to your cheese and dip board. 

 Hopefully soon we will be able to meet with other people as  the barbecue season is on its way. 

At home we love having people around and entertaining our friends.

 We miss them so much and we are looking forward to the summer and getting together…

We can't wait to have long evenings filled with laughter and creating lovely memories. 

We love to cook and prepare meals to share with loved ones. 

Very often we have just cheese and wine evenings...even just the two of us and I make those quick and easy crackers to go with the charcuterie.

We always have some discard in the fridge, even though we refresh a very small amount of starter. Sometimes I make bigger refreshments so I have some leftover starter and I can incorporate it in different recipes. 

These crackers I make with all sorts of ingredients and flours.

Sometimes I add garlic powder and some Indian spices, sometimes I keep them more Mediterranean.

I love the combination with rye flour and seeds, so this is how I make them.

Sourdough Pesto Crackers 


  • 85g Rye Flour
  • 50g Organic White bread flour 
  • 50g Water 
  • 5g  Salt
  • 100g Discard Sourdough Starter / or fresh one
  • 60g Olive oil
  • 4g Dry Pesto Herbs 
  • Pinch of Chilli flakes 
  • 20g Roasted seeds 


Dissolve the Starter in the water and stir well.

In a separate bowl add the dry ingredients. Mix them and make a well in the middle and add the starter and the olive oil. Mix well with a spatula and knead it so it forms lovely and firm dough.

Leave to rest for at least 30 minutes 

On a silicon baking sheet, roll the dough to about 1 1/2cm thick. 

Using a knife,cookie cutter or if you prefer a more rustic look, crack them after they are baked.  Cut it into the desired shapes.

Bake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes at 190-200 degrees.

Enjoy with some dips or cheeses.

Perfect for the kids' lunch boxes and they are a very healthy snack too.



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