Sourdough scoring tips and ideas for a pretty loaf

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Three sourdough loafs with pretty scoring pattern.

Scoring a loaf is fun, relaxing and gives a field to show one's creativity. 

It is easy and enjoyable, especially once we master that blade.

Now as Sourdough is becoming more and more popular, people are starting to bake more often at home and learning the fun process of making delicious and healthier bread. Consequently  the Social media is flooded with so much information, ideas and tips. It can be so confusing and disheartening, overwhelming and inspiring at the same time.

The reason for creating our classes and to have such an unexpected success is that we simplify the steps, make them easy to digest and understand as well as saving time for our students to get familiar with the whole process.

Most of our participants start their Sourdough journey with us and this makes our job even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Seeing so many new sourdough enthusiasts baking on a regular basis, experimenting and enjoying every step of the journey fills our hearts with joy and gratitude. 

We support two Facebook Groups, one in Bulgarian and one in English, where we see our students’ progress, having fun and inspiring us and others every day.

Recently we set up our YouTube channel with tips, tricks and recipe ideas from our daily experiments, baking for our family and friends.

In this post we will share some of the scoring videos I  have done over the last few weeks.

I  bake a few times a week,all different dough goodnesses, but once a week I bake a bigger quantity of loaves using the outcome for our social media and marketing materials.

Some of the loaves we share, some we sell to our amazing local community and some -we enjoy ourselves.

Scoring a loaf is fun, relaxing and gives a field to show one's creativity. 

The main thing is to find the right tool for the job.

Best for decorative scoring, I find the UFO lame. It allows more control, precession and as you are closer to the blade, it is easier to navigate it in the direction you want.

With the lame with long handle and curved blade, I find it is easier to create the main, deeper score, the one that gives the loaf a direction to open up.

To achieve those pretty scores, the loaf needs to be cold, straight from the fridge, proofed to the right extent, and not over proofed at all. 

If you are a beginner it is better to make the main score first and if the loaf spreads, there is no point to do the pretty ones as they will not show. 

I hope those videos will help you and inspire you too.

We upload a few times a week and you're welcome to subscribe and keep an eye on the new materials on our YouTube channel.



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