Super Easy Sourdough Buns

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Those buns I made in a bit of a rush with fresh starter that i put in the fridge a few hours before I can use it ( I had to go out for 3-4 hours and it was super active and ready ...bad planning, I suppose) 


I didn't have bread for the sandwiches for the kids lunchboxes, it was Sunday about 3pm…

So I mixed all the ingredients and left to prove in the oven at 30 degrees. 

It can be done at room temperature - 22 degrees or overnight , just lower the starter percentage and keep it in a cool place to prove slowly.


  • 150g Starter
  • 280g Strong White Flour 
  • 1 egg - 50-60 g
  • 80g milk
  • 4g salt
  • 50g butter at a room temperature 

In the Stand Dough mixer measure the flour and salt, stir well to incorporate the ingredientes and make a well in the middle

Add the milk, starter and the egg and with the dough hook mix well to combine.

Once the dough is smooth and it stays on the hook, start adding the butter, little by little, leaving 1-3 minutes between each addition. It is very important the butter to be incorporated well before adding more.

Once ready, leave to rest for 30minutes and if needed, do one quick coil fold.

Leave again for 20 minutes and shape balls the size of a small orange. I made 8, but you can make them into logs instead. Depends on the shape of tray you will use. I love my round baking tray. In This country it is very hard to find round baking trays so I actually brought mine from Bulgaria. It was my grandmother's and it has a special place in my kitchen. Every time I bake in it I think of her and the things she used to cook in it.

Right, so leave it to prove in a warm environment till at least double in size.

I think I baked mine a bit too soon, but it was 10;30pm and I couldn't wait any longer. 

The kids were super happy when they got up in the morning. They love white and fluffy buns but generally we tend to bake loaves, so it  was like a treat for them. 

I will make them again with some additional ingredients very soon. 

So keep an eye on the blog for more ideas and recipes.

Happy Baking!



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