Brunch With Kvas - Discard Class

Hello Sourdough bakers,
We are very happy to be announcing this brand-new Sourdough class.

This class is sold out!

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We have tailored it for those of you who have already been in our classes or have some
experience with looking after your starter and baking some delicious bakes with it.

As you already know, there is some leftover starter from your regular feeds and refreshments , so
we deiced to dedicate a class to it.

Class Start Time: 10:00am

In this workshop we will be making :

  1. Sourdough Savoury Pancakes - they can be eaten fresh or later for a snack.
  2. Sourdough Bread sticks - to go with your cheese board and dips
  3. Sourdough Brownies - for your desert.

We have chosen those recipes as they are simple to make, don’t take too long and you don’t
need fancy ingredients.

Generally the recipes we will be following are versatile and can be easily adjusted.

Yana will be leading the class but Lenko will be on hand, so if you have any specific questions
regarding your usual sourdough bakes, he would love to help.

For those of you who have been with us before, we are so looking forward to seeing you again.

The main purpose of this class is to have fun, learn something new and use those leftovers as well
as meet new Sourdough supporters.

Nearer the time of the class, Yana will be sending you the list with the ingredients and supporting
recipes, as well as some extra recipes for using up your stale bread.

If you need starter, because you have lost yours and would like to participate in the class, please
get in touch and we can send you some.

If you would like us to send you the ingredients for the class, this is also possible, just let us know
before booking the class. We will need a few days to organise the shipping.

Again, we are keeping the groups small, so we don’t loose this personal contact and can speak to
all of you individually.

We are looking forward to meeting you and please contact us if you have any questions

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